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We are London based family physicians who passionately believe that everyone in the world should have access to a doctor who they can trust. Someone who has your interests as their top priority, not their own.

Medicine is a big business in many countries, your local doctor maybe more interested in multiple consultation visits or performing expensive surgery rather than treating you in a cost effective way. They may be interested in making money by having you visit a number of times or finishing the session as quickly as possible.

In many parts of the world people do not have quality medical professionals who are up to date with current practices, there could be better medicines or different ways of treating you. Your local doctor may not know of this.

That is where we come in! We are your second opinion from the UK and your trusted advisor.

Book a consultation with us to hear our view on whether we think you are getting appropriate treatment and care from your local doctor.

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What our customers say:

"Th GPsodes are such a great service"

- U Sultana