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We passionately believe that everyone in the world should have access to a doctor who they can trust. We care that you are getting the correct diagnosis and treatment and provide a range of services which give you independent advice and assurance.

Please note that our services are currently only available to residents of Pakistan, India, countries in the Middle East and Far East.




  • Free 2-3 mins online videos!

  • Advice on common health issues in English and Urdu

  • Topics such as Diabetes, Pediatrics, Sexual Health, Cardiovascular and many more



£29 Introductory Rate

  • UK trained GPs will spend time with you on the phone or via Skype

  • Understand your health matter and review your case

  • Provide our independent view on whether the treatment your local doctor suggests sounds appropriate

  • Help guide you to ask your local doctor questions and highlight your options for treatment

Unsure what service you need?

Find you a Specialist*


£99 Introductory Rate

  • Get your case reviewed by a UK specialist consultant and avoid having to incur expensive travel and accommodation costs!

  • We will conduct a search and find a specialist who will review your case

  • Provide you with an overview report from the specialist (*note fees to specialist are payable separately)

  • Gives you assurance that you are getting the right specialist treatment locally

Unsure what service you need?

Find you a Private Hospital*


£99 Introductory Rate

  • If you need to travel to the UK for further investigations or surgery we can conduct a private hospital search

  • We will find an appropriate private hospital and medical team (*note fees to the hospital are payable separately)




  • Bespoke health service for company executives and their families

  • We can design packages that best suits your company needs

  • Please contact us at info@thelondondoctors.com for further information

Do you need to book a GPConsult appointment or do you need your case reviewed by a UK Specialist?

When to book a GP Consult: matters that you would normally discuss with your family physician or general practitioner (GP) such as: High blood pressure, Diabetes, Child health, Women’s health (contraception, pregnancy, common gynae conditions), Asthma, Common skin problems (Eczema, infections), Headaches (migraines), Joint pains (Osteoarthritis), Anxiety and Depression.

When to ask us to Find You A Specialist: if you are already seeing a cardiologist / urologist / oncologist / paediatrician or surgeon (etc). For example if you are asking yourself the following types of questions: I don’t understand reasoning behind the treatment they are recommending; I am not sure if I really require the operation that I have been told I need; I would like someone to review my case documents and test reports to see if the treatment I am getting seems right; I don’t have access to a niche specialism in my country and I would like someone in the UK to review my case.

If you are unsure which service you need please do contact us at info@thelondondoctors.com

Please note that The London Doctors provide medical information and referral services. The services provided are in no way designed to replace the services of your local GP, local specialist or local hospital.  We do not provide any emergency services. Please note that by using our above services you accept our Terms Conditions

What our customers say:

"Th GPsodes are such a great service"

- U Sultana